Myzone Live Streaming is very engaging and makes a HIIT group exercise experience even more fun.

The safety aspect as well as helping participants train smarter by displaying real time heart rate, calories, and intensity displayed with five simple color-coded personalized zones makes it the perfect tool to captivate your members.

We would love to introduce you to Myzone and all the other benefits it brings including higher retention and another income stream.

Morgan Sports

Morgan Sports Our recommended fitness accessory provider is Morgan Sports. Their wholesale prices can be anywhere between 30-60% cheaper than what the larger equipment suppliers charge when they package up accessories with full gym fit out prices.

We would love to introduce you to the range and fully endorse the quality having used it for over 7 years in a commercial environment.


MindBody is our preferred supplier of software to help manage both the business as well as members and visitors.

The Online booking and scheduling is very user friendly to corelate and systems are made seamless when using the app for members with the instant check in system. MindBody is a HR tool via keeping staff organised and informed.

If you would like to know more we can help.

Elite Supplements

Enhancing people’s results via pre workout and post workout nutrition might be something you wish to provide to your exercise community.

Our partners at Elite supplements have a fantastic wholesale pricelist that helps you open up a new income stream with their premium products and provide a service that is complimenting the training you provide with a 360 degree approach of assisting with dietary requirements.


All our artwork designs for signage and branding are available upon request and we will gladly provide the content in the appropriate file and resolution to your print shop.

If you would like a catalogue of what we have in various logo and motivational signage, on top of the popular numbered placards and stickers to utilise please ask. Our supplier will also be glad to provide a competitive quote of your needs for you to review.


Our corporate wardrobe and merchandise we sell to our members comes from the best in the country, Summit Global.

If you want to refresh your look or see if you can buy your team wear and T’s and singlets for a better deal we would gladly put you in touch with Colin and Summit Global.