A dynamic HIIT session combining strategically selected cardio equipment and integrated with functional strength accessories.
The programming and format of intervals is extensive and designed for all ages and fitness levels.


A revolutionary 3 Station HIIT session combining boxing, spin cycles and functional strength.
Our exclusive Boxon Wall Mount Bag allow the sessions to cater for beginners to advanced fitness and coordination levels.


A HIIT session focused on strength training is key to building a stronger body no matter what someone’s goals are.
LIFT combines bench work with functional and suspension strength exercises that improve technique and body capabilities.


A HIIT circuit based session with an extensive catalogue of exercises.
SuperHIIT is always fresh via varying both exercises and formats, which are the essential ingredients to avoid that monotony, so common in circuit regimes.


55+ proves that High Intensity Interval Training is for everybody.
It’s never too late to start exercising and these sessions ensure a passive beginning is possible for someone new or hasn’t exercised in decades and looking at improving their strength and fitness levels safely.