HIIT For Everybody is the safe and proven method for schools to facilitate exercise sessions so students learn technique and how to exercise smarter.

HighLow Fitness currently train 7 different schools that send 20-50 students for HIIT Group Training.. and they love it!

Over 7 years we have developed countless numbers of sessions and worked on product integration that suits their needs of being new to exercise and bodies still in development.

Allowing school students to do their own thing (Even with supervision) is still not safe practice and it only takes a split second for one to do something that could cause injury or kaos. Introducing them to professionally programmed HIIT has created a demand via school authorities talking about what HFE delivers and recommending us to other schools with glowing references.

But don’t take our word for it..

I just wanted to pass on some very positive feedback from our staff over the past few weeks. Multiple staff have come up to me to say how ‘amazing’ your staff have been in getting the boys active and keeping them engaged for the entire session.

A trainer by the name of Andy has also been mentioned a number of time in regards to how accommodating he is, in particular yesterday changing the session around due to the heat. Staff have also been very impressed with the standard of equipment in the venue.

We only usually get told the negative feedback, so I thought I would pass this on.

Kind Regards,

Tim Aussel
Marist College Eastwood – Sports Coordinator